Cent Jon



Innocent John was born on a creamy Wednesday morning, October 1995. His stage name is Cent Jon, which is coined from the last four letters of his first name "Innocent" and a subtle selection from the initials of his last name "John."
Cent Jon hails from Akwa Ibom State, but was born in Benin City. He attended Ugbowo Primary school and his high school in Akwa Ibom State after their relocation.
He is the fifth born in the family with three brothers and a sister.
Cent Jon is a talented keyboardist, song writer and a singer.
He has played for many famous Band groups as a keyboardist and backup singer.
He's been featured in some songs and recorded his first single "wonderfully made"@Emz noise entertainments in 2012, Port Harcourt. Currently, he is a co producer and a backup singer @ FueRecords and entertainments.
He is currently in UNIUYO studying Medical Physiology, but this doesn't hamper his musical dreams.
I see the world as an orchestra, where each sounds and beats played is just all about time.
I love family, friends,reading novels, playing video games, love football, Composing, sitting on the couch and staring at the moon. I cherish nature and fear God.
Ma favorite colors are blue and green.
I am looking forward to being "the best artist of the year" in different places with so many awards and albums.