Odzzy Profile


NAME                : Odudu Udo Udoette

ARTISTE NAME   : Odzzywelldone

COUNTRY          : Nigeria

STATE                  : Akwa Ibom

L.G.A                    : Ikono L.G.A

ORIGIN                  : Ikot Enua

MOTHER’S NAME   : Emem Udoette

CAREER                    : Music and business

GEN                        : Rap/singing

UPGRADE                : High class

RELATIONSHIP        : Single 

Odzzywelldon is an indigenous artiste from south-south Geopolitical Zone. He came into the world with  nothing to prove instantly but the talent was on preservation for the right time to meet up with  right people.

Odzzywelldon is an indigene of Ikot Enua Ikono L.G.A of Akwa-Ibom state Nigeria.

Looking into the real story of Odzzywelldon, he started entertainment at the age of four, then, he was a very little boy when her mother use to be singing him ancients choruses like, “Maiko” which happens to be one of his best dance-hall today.

Odzzywelldon is from a Royal family where they observed their  three square meal a day

and every body are all learned. With the current Educational information of Odzzywelldon, he obtained his (WAEC) merit from an high standard private Academy and still studying Business Admin in higher institute, soon to be done.